Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm Trying Too Hard...

but not on the right things... if you know what I mean....

if you don't... then email me, and I'll tell you....

Oh. BTW, that me at Senior Graphic Design Portfolio night.... being me...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I Feel Like...

sitting on a couchey...
and being all mousey...
with you...
while listening to Rachael Yamagata...
but not Afrika Bambataa...

Jade April 2006.


I go out on a Friday night, wait 3 hours in line for pancakes and sausages when I should be graphic designing and stay up into the night... I heart VEISHEA...

Now the question is to stay up for another 4 hours designing and be tired for ERP kids tomorrow.... or go to sleep for 4 hours and still be tired for ERP kids tomorrow.... I am voting for the later...

Saturday morning plans:
VEISHEA parade and SCUM magic chemistry show... don't forget the VEISHEA cherry pies!

Saturday evening plans:
a date with COD... that's College of Design for those not in the know... not cod the fish...... mmmmmm..... cod sounds good......

Currently listening to the Dream of Evan and Chan :: the Postal Service...
Currently thinking about boys.... I know... I know...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

An Overcast Day...

yes it is....
the perfect day for The Be Good Tanyas...
in other lily news...
someone in France is dreaming about me.... ;)
i'm thinking about working at a pretentious coffeeshop for the summer...
i'm craving attention and affection...
and i don't want to graduate...
i'm thinking about a boy... what else is new? jk...
not just any boy.... this boy:

pretty much the love of my life...

Currently listening to The Littlest Birds :: The Be Good Tanyas

Monday, April 17, 2006

I Had Gross "I Didn't Brush My Teeth Because I Was Called to Work in My Parent's Restaurant Before I Could Brush, Coffee-Stained Teeth Today..."

so of course I finally run into cute-coffeeshop-boy. Go figure...

I did a lot of smiling of those yellow chompers... So I'm pretty sure he noticed... but at least my soy miel was delicious.

In other news... I went home this weekend... to take pictures of the restaurant/parents for a book project... but I didn't get to it... and here's why.
Friday night: came in around 10 PM... restaurant is all ready closed.
Saturday day: woke late... decided on a quick trip to Salvation Army... but what was supposed to be a 1 hour-12 dollar trip turned into a 3 hour-62 dollar trip... not because SA had so many great finds... but because I conveniently locked my keys in my car... thus spending an hour searching for my keys and spending 50 dollars to have someone open my car door...

You know what's funny? I thought before I went into SA... "I don't need to lock my door... this is Atlantic" as I pushed the lock down and walked inside.... go figure.

So other things happened that prohibited me from picture taking... but I really just wanted to tell that story.... its pretty funny. Man, cars and I are not getting along lately.... remember that car accident last month?... yah, you do?... yah........... (long awkward pause as I reflect...) At least I found some hot things at SA... some need to be reconstituted into something that isn't for pregnant women... but really great patterns... really.

Currently listening to I Want A Little Sugar in My Bowl :: Nina Simone...
Why? Because who doesn't... you know... want sugar in their bowl? ;)

Friday, April 14, 2006

I'm A Completely Different Person...

when I am in the painting studio.

I am alive.
I meet other painters.
We discuss their paintings...
what they mean,
their concept,
their subject,
their composition,
their feelings.

It is a beautiful thing for me to be in the studio.

Why am I in graphic design again?... Yah... definitely becoming a teacher.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Where'd it go?

Somehow... Iowa skipped right over spring and landed in summer. Hello 88 degree weather!

Anecdote of the Day...
People walking alone, smiling because of something or someone they're thinking about make me smile... but then they spit on the ground and my smile turns upside down and I think "ewwwwwwwwwww."

Monday, April 10, 2006

Hey Its Been A While.

And I bet you're wondering how I am... maybe not though.

Well, I'll tell you anyway. Why? Because I really should be doing nude self-portrait thumbnails... and because I enjoy procrastinating.

Friday night = much fun.
Date 1 with B, his GF, and Guffman...
that is we were Waiting for Guffman most of the night... ;)
(Yah I was a third wheel, but it was fun nonetheless. We made fruit pizza!)

Date 2 with M, peanut butter & jelly,
and no bake "dessert bake" (whaaaaaaa?)

That's right. We made 12 PB & J sandwiches for ERP Kids.
They were delicious!

And here Miss Lily is presenting the No Bake, "Dessert Bake"!.... (ummmmmmm, it looked like tar.. so Miss Lily didn't eat it... besides chocolate... really?)

Saturday... also = much fun.
Who wouldn't enjoy the Science Center of Iowa?...
Especially with these adorable little ones from ERP!

Meet P. I've written of him before. He's the one who lived in Germany, plays the violin (though now he's changed to the recorder), and who I've fallen for... he's so adorably cute!

Last but not least: a new favorite song.
Rain and Snow :: The Be Good Tanyas
It's sooooooo gooooooood!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

"It's A Shame... "

from BH himself.

BH: Did you register for classes?
L: What? No, I'm graduating.
BH: Oh that's right. (insert somewhat disappointed face)
L: I know. (smiling and giggling with that cuteness... I do so often) I wish I wasn't... I'm not ready. BW said that I should stay another semester and focus on graduate level painting.


BH: Well that's a shame [that you will be graduating]. This is your third time in figure drawing?
L: Nope, first time.
(BH gives me a twinkling eye)

End best compliment from BH... ever! Believe me my friends... this is quite a flattering statement from probably the hardest critiquer I've had in my four years of higher education. I'm elated.

I'll post some of my work as soon as I get it back from him.....

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Yah.. I'm Not A Liar....

and someone from afar just emailed me... and that made me smile...

kind of like this... ;)

I'm Not Gonna Lie...

I did have a bad day. But I don't really think you want to hear me whine about it. Nobody really likes whiny, bitchy Lily... especially me.

However the contents of the day did make me think back and reflect on a very troublesome time in my life. I am referring to my teen angst period. Though it's not quite a fitting name because it was only a little over a year ago. So.. yah... I went through a weird teen angst period in my 20s: I didn't know what I wanted, I questioned everything and everyone, and music was my savior.

Here are a few of my favorites from my angsty period.... I still like them... and they take me back....

Ani DiFranco :: 32 Flavors & Joyful Girl
The Arcade Fire :: Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) & Rebellion (Lies)
Cocorosie :: Lyla
Cursive :: The Recluse
Damien Rice :: The Blower's Daughter & Cold Water
Death Cab for Cutie :: The New Year & Transatlanticism
Elliott Smith :: Waltz #2 & Coast to Coast
The Fiery Furnaces :: Single Again & Sweet Spots
The Go! Team :: The Power is On & Huddle Formation
Hot Hot Heat :: Le Le Low & Get In or Get Out
The Pixies :: Debaser & Where is My Mind?
The Postal Service :: The District Sleeps Alone Tonight & Brand New Colony
Queens of the Stone Age :: Mosquito Song
Ratatat :: Seventeen Years & Crips
The Rentals :: My Summer Girl & These Days
Yeah Yeah Yeahs :: Y Control & Maps

The bolded ones are especially thematic of angsty Lily...

Sunday, April 02, 2006


listening to Beth Orton's Trailer Park CD... and its good.

I'm becoming one of those bloggers that blog multiple times a day, and I'm not sure I like that. More and more, my entries take a step towards "dirrrrrr, uhhhhhhhh, whaaaaa?"

Just tell me to stop!!! I beg of you!!! (as I grasp onto your arm and look into your eyes with my own big, brown and almond shaped ones)

That reminds me of this boy in my class. We have these amazing moments every time we're together where across the room I catch him gazing at me, or I him. We stare at each other intensely, directly in the eyes for periods longer than I would normally find comfortable. With a slight, coy smile or nod we're back to drawing or painting. It creates a sweeping feeling that takes a hold my whole body. What does it mean?

I'm Thinking....

that procrastination is really not PRO anything but pure laziness.

1. FINISH writing log entry
2. drop paintings off at MU for FOCUS Exhibition (I hope I get in)
3. finish SWATCH coffee table book
5. finish MAP (almost there)
6. finish ETHOS spreads
7. finish ELECTRONIC portfolio
8. finish stressed MINDSET
8. each one of these things is a blister on my brain, very fittingly I am listening to Blisters On My Brain :: Lo-Fidelity Allstars and yes I meant to put two 8s

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Kid Drama.

The kids loved Reiman Gardens and the Butterfly wing... as did I, but I didn't get to take any pictures as I was too busy keeping a couple of them apart. DRAMA! In short, R and P had difficulties with personal space. But the best part about childhood drama is that it lasts for fifteen minutes and then they move on. Isn't that great? I LOVE it. Beyond that the day was great, filled with laughter, conversation, meeting new people...

Currently I am PROcrastinating on graphic designing a coffee table book about textiles and fabrics. I always start my projects excited but as time dwindles on, so does my interest.

A high school friend called me just now and I am ecstatic! It has been well over a year since I have talked to her, and within fifteen minutes we are making plans to travel to New York City or Seattle within the coming summer. I LOVE it! Makes me think of our third friend in San Diego.... wish I knew how to get a hold of him.

My friend, J, is hoping for a job in the bright and beautiful sun of East Bay, California and has offered me lodging should I decide I am a west coast kind of girl. Hopefully, my friend D will move out to NYC within the next year and I can test the waters there, too.

Current thoughts on me
1. I might become a nomad
2. I'm a bit indecisive
3. I'm too sassy these days
4. I'm too bloat bloat bloated... that I might float float float away....

I'm listening to Colour Me Radio :: Dot Allison

On the Rooftops SHOUTING Out!

I just had one of the best nights of my year, reconnecting. So this guy I knew in animation came back to Ames for the weekend. He had been studying in Canada, was living at home and was returning to ISU to visit friends. We never really knew each other and only talked once a month or so on AOL. We got to talking on iChat one fine evening and I told him to call me up when he's in town... which he did... which I didn't expect... and at the time (today at 9 PMish) I didn't really want to meet up... due to exhaustion, due to potential awkwardness... due to my own introvert tendencies. BUT the proverbial leaf has been turned (more on this later)... and I decided "Yah, go get some hot tea with this boy."

Turns out he is amazing and we have soooo much in common. I can't even explain how excited I am, how fortunate I am, how grateful I am that he and I reconnected our acquaintenance status and turned it into a friendship. I am so elated!

I am currently listening to Hide and Seek :: Imogen Heap when really I want to play that song Ready to Go :: Republica (you know that song on that commercial... I think they were selling a car, but I don't know... I think the commercial is 5 years old.. b/c I don't watch TV....... this sentence is going on way to long.....) Sidenote on Imogen Heap... learned more about Ms. Frou Frou front woman today... she's performing in Boulder, CO and Milwaukee, WI... which I know people in the areas and wouldn't it be amazing to see her in concert? I'm thinking about it... plus I need to travel some more.... love the experience.

In other news... I should go to bed because it is almost 3:00 AM and I have to wake up kind of early for a Saturday morning. I'm going to the Butterfly Wing at Reiman Gardens tomorrow with the ERP kids!! I'm looking forward to taking pictures of beautiful butterflies and beautiful children.

Last thought for this early early morning: I hope my bloated belly goes away by the time I wake up.