Thursday, March 26, 2009


I got my wisdom teeth pulled on Monday.
Overall, not a bad experience. Let me recant:

Me: So is this going to hurt?
Nurse: Did you eat or drink anything in the past 6 hours?
Me: Uh, no. I've never been put under before.
My Dr.: It's kind of like giving blood.
Nurse: I would say it's not as bad as giving blood.
Me: Oh, I've given blood before, that's not too bad.
My Dr.: You're going to feel a little cold, now. And a prick here.
So how's the graphic design field these days?
Me: ...
(Checked out.)

I'm pretty sure I did not answer that last question. :) It is Thursday today. Finally, back to a full day at work. ...And it is the longest day ever! I tried working Tuesday after the surgery... Made it through 6 hours, then got extremely dizzy and had my coworkers drive me home. Wednesday, went in for a half-day to meet a deadline, bringing me to today... Hmmm. Is the day over yet?

PS. Still look like a chipmunk.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

002: Fade

Photography by Phillip Van Nostrand and Design by Lisa Ly.

Currently stuck in Denver, CO, staying at the Crystal Inn on standby to Cedar Rapids, IA, tomorrow morning, listening to Radiohead's "Let Down."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday in Portland.

Lacey and i shopped downtown. I bought some pants at the Gap, and the compilation CD "Dark Was The Night." But the best thing about today, was The Circuit Gym. So freakin sweet! This gym is the largest bouldering gym in the US, 2nd in the world. It rocked... pun intended.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Chill today.

Lacey and I were pretty bruised from snowboarding and jet lag, so we took it easy today. Went to the Lake Oswego strip mall, got our hair trimmed and had lunch. Tonight we will yoga it up!

Sweet haircuts for the Ly Girls!

Portland in Pictures.

Lacey and Lisa preparing for their day on Mount Hood.

Here I am! Hey I'm not too bad! I did the bunny hill 4 or 5 times, then went up the lift for a run. Night snowboarding is sooo sweet!

Family! Lin, Lacey, Lisa and Denver!

After falling about a billion times, I was ready for food! MMMMMM nachos...

...and fries, who could ask for a better dinner!

My sister, Lin, and her fiancee, Denver.

Lacey and I.

I will definitely go snowboarding again! I have gloves and goggles, all I need is snow pants, boots and a board. I know winter just ended in Iowa, but I could hold out a little longer if it means I can snowboard.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Page 137

Anyway, the point is that you have to work from the inside, with what we have, rather than from the outside, with foreign ideas. The shell ought not to be forced on the spirit. It can't be! The bright shell has to grow out of the spirit and express it. That means waiting.

It's a heart issue. I love that.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm reading Main Street by Sinclair Lewis.

Friday, March 06, 2009

New Things.

So I started climbing again... here. My friend Eric is an avid climbing, starting just around a year ago. I started joining him in December? Took a hiatus during the holidays and started attending again. I love it!

I'm baking! I recently have become obsessed with making the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Random? I know. I don't even like chocolate! I love finding new recipes online and everyone's secrets for the perfect flavor and consistency. So I've got a few tricks up my sleeves. If you have the time, I'd love for you to have some. AND THAT, is my favorite part of baking. YOU, enjoying my cookie. If anyone wants to contribute to my "I want a Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer" Fund, I will be indebted to you for as long as my mixer works, which will probably be for life. :)

Current music obsession: Band of Horses :: The General Specific
This song is soooo perfect for getting me revved up for summer. The sun is shining, my windows are rolled down, and I can't get this smile off my face.

PS. I went to the most amazing Andrew Bird show last Saturday; the best one yet, out of the three times I've seen him. Part of it was the awesome venue: Hoyt Sherman Place. It is an old, old theater with high ceilings, making for wonderful acoustics to compliment his full-bodied whistles and violin strokes. I once claimed I need to marry someone who loves Andrew Bird. And I mean, LOVES Andrew Bird. This last show has just presented how evermore true this has to be. :P