Saturday, June 13, 2009

Heck yes, I am.

That's right. Bon Iver :: September 19th at the Slowdown in Omaha. Jenny, Stewart and I will make a weekend of it: thrift in Atlantic, eat at the Hut, and hit the Old Market. It will be great!!!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Climb On!

If you didn't know, I took up climbing. Most recently Wall-Nut Creek Climbing Gym, designed a man-made "crack." And here I am climbing it! When I was a young girl at the impressionable age of 14, I read a magazine article about climber, Katie Brown. Thinking nothing more than "that's cool" and "I need another goal for 9th grade Honors English class," I added climbing as one of my 50 goals among other things like " travel Europe." I'd really like to find that list and see what else I can cross off. :)

PS. I also tested at the gym to belay people. So if you'd like to top rope, I can belay you, like my friend Eric is doing for me. :)