Monday, August 31, 2009

I called it.

In Spring 2006, I ventured to San Francisco on a traveling kick. I was young and interested in doing design work for one of my fave magazines: Readymade, A hipster do-it-yourself glossy made for the wannabe innovators. I called up the creative director, Maili Holliman, to set up a time to chat about designing for a sweet magazine. She was pretty cool. The following years I noticed a decline in the artistic creativity of the page layout in the publication. I even stopped buying it. I couldn't figure out what happened. Then I found out Meredith Corps bought them. I'd studied with Meredith (publisher of Better Homes and Gardens) during my college years. They're based in Des Moines, just 30 minutes south of Ames. When I heard they bought my fave magazine, I understood why the decline in visually stimulating design. I just read this article today. To sum up, it's just different, and I called it way back when. But while we're on the topic, my friend Glenda thinks I'm San Fran material. I have "SF written all over me." And as much as she loves me, she wants me to grow.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Lately the drama has all but encompassed my life. I needed to get away. And fast. I wasn't scheduled to work Friday night at The Café this past week, a first in just about a year. To take full advantage of the free weekend evening, I also took time off from my day job and decided to go hiking at Backbone State Park, in northeast Iowa. I'd never been in the area and heard it was beautiful compared to the rest of the state. So off on my own I ventured, despite the pleas of my friends to take someone along for safety, I arose early and prepared for my day alone. It took three hours to get there. The drive was wonderful. I left Ames' gray, damp drama for sunlight and greenery to raise my poor spirits. Excitement building, music blaring, just me viewing the road and a beautiful blue sky with fluffy white clouds through the windshield of my little Honda Civic. Below are the winning photos of the day. Hiking in solitude, the quiet noises of nature, made me think of that philosophical riddle "If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound." Do things exist if no one perceives them? Does this drama btw me and my friend exist if he never comes forth to tell me what is wrong and otherwise acts normal around me? My perception is that things are fine, but through grapevines I hear otherwise.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gimme S'more!

My sister's wedding is coming up in just about a month, October 2nd. Exciting! I need to get outta Ames, please and fast! :) In preparation for the great day, I've been working diligently here in Iowa. In previous posts, you've seen her wedding "Save the Dates," wishing tree cards and centerpiece frames. Today, I post personalized candy bar wrappers. The couple will have a fire pit on the beach for guests to roast their own s'mores! What a great idea! I've designed a "Westward Bound!" wrapper to be glued around the Hershey's bars that will act as both dessert and a wedding favor. What do you think?

Lacey and Sheng, you get to get to help me glue all the wrappers. Yay! Don't worry, there will only be about 100, and at least you don't have to cut and trim all the wrappers. I will do that before we go to Oregon.

Wedding Lists

Wedding items collected
1. picture frames for each table (may need more)
2. 24 votive candle holders (may need more?)
3. chartreusey olive beads (me)
4. silk petals (me)
5. branches (Denver)
6. paper lanterns (may not use)

Wedding items needed
1. card basket (Lin)
2. chartreuse linens for each table (Lin)
3. chartreuse ribbon for vases/votives and card basket (me)
4. ???

Lin, I need a better idea of how many tables, shape, etc. Let me know when you have the final RSVP count. Love!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

As loud as can be.

I am making this mix,
Blaringly loud, as loud as can be,
I am drowning out the rest of the world,
Just for you I am making this mix,
I can hardly hear myself think,
Just for me I am making this mix,
Just for you and for me,
I am making this mix.

I bought these.
And this.

I was told I was enchanting at work tonight. I was telling her about the wood-grilled salmon and oven-roasted pork entree. :) Haha.

I wore my hair in pigtails tonight.

I can't wait till Fall, all-time favorite season. Snuggling and cuddling weather!

Friday, August 21, 2009

I am drama.

But I don't want to be. But apparently I am. So I'm taking a break from everyone. Time to think about the things I am doing now and how that will push me forward instead of backwards. When I went home to visit Mom and Dad recently, I saw a picture from my junior prom. I went with my friend Nick. We liked each other. But we never dated. That time seemed easier, simpler. Home always feels simpler and easier.

Things to keep my mind off of the drama:
1. The Complete Guide to Climbing and Mountaineering :: Pete Hill
2. The Avett Brothers
3. teaching myself guitar
4. updating my portfolio website
5. my sister's wedding
6. Arrested Development
7. slacklining
8. yoga
9. Jaci, my best friend
10. Breaking Dawn, the 4th book of Twilight (so what?)
11. church
12. making mixed cd's
13. ...

Please add to the list. Your suggestions will be taken wholeheartedly.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Future Husband...


PS. I own the same pair of sunglasses, only in hot pink. Clearly meant to be. Oh, and I also have the same leather vest... ... ... ... ... ... ... Wait a minute, no I don't. Hah. Can you imagine? Me?

PS. This is the best version I've heard of this song. I don't really like the studio version.

In other news. This is the best Andrew Bird interview I have ever seen! In concert, Bird is a bit stand-offish. He is very warm in this video and the recording does an excellent job of making his voice so velvety. The story he tells about his song "effigy", is the same one he told during the show I went to this past summer. He tells it much better here. So enjoy!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Falling Out

I stare out the window of my office today,
the famous Iowa humidity is tucked at bay,
while the weather outside is a gorgeous 79,
I listen to this voice... so very, very fine,
William Elliot Whitmore.

Click on the turntable in the upper-right corner.
I like the song "Hell or High Water"

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Top Five This Thursday.

1. Ethereal. That's how I would describe his work. I dig it.

2. I would love to be in Oregon right now. I like this guy's work too.

3. I might be looking at opportunities out west. I need a change of pace.

4. I want to buy a slackline.

5. If, I were to get a tattoo... a very very tiny tiny one... it might look like this:


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Westward Bound!

As mentioned before, I am westward bound! My older sister is getting married in early October on the beautiful coast of Oregon. I will be heading out a few days early to help her with pre-wedding preparation, i.e. party favors, centerpieces, details, details, details. Below you can see I've been doing what I can here in Iowa. After the wedding, this event will be uploaded to my portfolio website.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Tuesday's with Lisa.

I've made a habit of going out after work on Tuesday's. This is no 5:00 PM after work social. This is 11:00 PM I-just-got-done-serving-and-am-too-hyper-to-fall-asleep-at-a-reasonable-hour chill, downtime. After hanging out with my friends at the local pub, I finally make it to mi casa around 12:30. This also means I don't climb into bed until around 1:00 AM, or like last night, 2:00 AM. This morning, my eyes burrrrrrrrrrrn.

Speaking of climbing things, though. I'm looking at La Sportiva's "Miura" and Five Ten's "Jet 7" for a more aggressive climbing shoe. I currently climb with Evolv's "Elektra"; great for gym bouldering. However, I want to begin lead climbing: think, outdoor climbing. I believe in this environment, a stiffer, down-turn toe will be to my benefit, but I really don't know without trying them on. Unfortunately, nowhere in Ames can I try any of these shoes, I may have to wait until October when I am "Westward Bound!" for my sister's wedding. I can't wait!