Saturday, November 28, 2009

Paid paid vacation.

Since I work for a state university, I got Thursday and Friday off for the holiday. I seized the opportunity to pick up some extra shifts at The Café. I mean, who doesn't like a lil extra extra for the holiday season? Friday I pulled a double and worked from 8:00 AM-3:00 PM and 5:30-10:30 PM. It was a long day, but so worth it. Not only did I make just about $200, I also did yoga in between shifts, and finally put away the clean laundry that had been sitting in my dryer for uhhhhhhhbout a week now. :)

Tonight I "Café" from 4:00-10:30 PM only to go home, sleep, and return from 9:00 AM-3:00 PM.

Quite the weekend. If you're in the mood for some upbeat tunes, I've been listening to Coconut Records. A quirky, adorable actor named Jason Shwartzman of Rushmore and Darjeeling Limited fame is the lead of this band. I love his movies... and now his music.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Top 5's

My revamped top five daily sites:
1. Notcot
2. Steep and Cheap
3. Sartorialist
4. Apartment Therapy
5. Gmail

Top 5 Thanks this holiday:
1. My twin brother and his cooking skillz.
(Dear Shengy, thank you for cooking this year's Thanksgiving meal. Even though I don't like traditional T-day entrees, I still really appreciate the fortune to have one.)
2. My friends.
I am so blessed to have many friend circles in Ames. In any event, I always have someone to turn to. Last night in tears, I ran to Stewart after a dramatic fiasco at Alpha Copies. He knew just what to do: hold me tight and listen.
3. Talented people.
I am very thankful for all the talented people in the world today. I try to imagine my world without all the artists who visually inspire me, or musicians who I listen to all-day-everyday-non-stop, or the very food I consume at loved places like The Café, I just can't do a day without art.
4. Family.
:) They're the best. I am photo-editing images from my sister's Oct. wedding. They will be revealed in due time.
5. Climbing.
I never thought this would be something I could include in my repertoire. Ever. Who knew?

Monday, November 23, 2009

I heart Jason Schwartzman,

NPR, and the word awkward.

Also, Wes Anderson is a genius.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

He says he doesn't want to see me get hurt.

How does he, of all people, think he can say that to me? The past two years all he's done is hurt and use me. In one fell swoop he brought it all back; my heart sinks and all I feel is achy. It hurts, and my eyes are swollen. I...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

China Doll

For the second day in a row, my outfit has spurred a coworker of mine to tell me how cute I am in the context of a doll... I guess I'm okay with that. I did wear dresses both days. :)

In completely other news, not at all related to being Chinese or looking like a doll, watch this sweet video of climber, Matt Segal scaling "China Doll," a 5.14.

Matt Segal 5.14 trad from renan ozturk on Vimeo.

I suggest turning off the sound of the video and playing Plan B's "Backside Grind pt II" It's my obsession of the day.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Here I am.

Top 5 from the past two weeks.

1. Backbone.
A couple Fridays ago, Chris, Rob, Eric, Pohlman and I went to Backbone for a night of s'mores and camping, only to rise early in the morning for a full day of climbing.

Left to right: Chris climbing "Slot Machine" (rated a 5.8), Rob belaying, Alisha and Cory, me, Eric, Brie and her dog, Milo.

Last climb of the day. Here I am having my hand at "Monster Crack" with Pohlman belaying me. It is rated a 5.10a on a scale of 5.2-5.15. I didn't get much farther than pictured, but I had already climbed 4 routes earlier; I was exhausted and quite content with my day's work.

2. These United States.
Pohlman and I caught this show at the M-Shop this past Saturday night. These guys are way entertaining. Their opener was Frontier Ruckus, under the same label as the Avett Brothers, and their set was pretty decent too. What can I say? I'm a fan of the banjo.

3. Welcome Home Marty Yeah!
My friend, Marty moved back from SB, California. It will be great to have him around again. He's one of those friends that pushes me in thought; to be mindful of who I am, where I am going, what I strive to be. He pushes me to the brink of uncomfortable, because if he doesn't, who will?

4. Anj.
Really pretty Indian girl. She's my "wife". Enough said.

5. Gear.
Bought a friggen sweet 0 degree Northface Snowshoe sleeping bag.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Pretty sweet day.

Today was one of those amazing Fall days: the air was crisp with the smell of earth, the sun was shining just enough to roll that Fall chill right off your shoulder, and the clouds were fluffy and white. I didn't work today! That also made my day. :) I went brunching with Jaci, bike riding with Stewart, and then frolfing with Dennis and Stewart. It was amazing!

Check out this sky behind Dennis and me!