Monday, September 27, 2010

Top 5 time-bleeding activites

I've been so busy since I came back from Penland! Ironically, I do not have a lot to report despite finding less and less time alone. However, I assume since you are reading this, I must have some pull of interest, and if this be the case, humor me, and read on.

1. United Way

I have volunteered to be the official United Way Volunteer liaison in my office, aka United Way cheerleader. Rah rah! Yay, United Way. I'm actually quite enjoying it. The UW of Story County is an amazing organization helping to improve the quality of life in my community. They provide financial support to organizations that provide housing to low income families, food to pantries for those who cannot afford a meal, immunization for young children whose parents cannot afford it, and so much more. In my office, I've organized weekly bake sales, a recycling can drive, a silent auction, and a food drive to raise money and awareness for the United Way. I'm loving my new cheerleading role!

2. Painting

My friend Jaci and I are taking an acrylic painting class at the ISU Workspace. Although this is a beginner level class, I love that I have taken time out of my week, to sit down, be creative and spend time with my baby. She and I have been friends for four years now, ever since I met her at The Café, September 2006; she was only 18! Whoa, that's crazy.

Ken, climbing out of the cave.

3. Climbing

I climb every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday if I can. After my foot surgeries, it was tough to get motivated to return to climbing. It's not that I didn't want to, it's that what once was an easy route, was and is a more difficult problem for me. Since July, I've been slowly working my strength and pain tolerance back to it's prime. It's been a slow journey, but I was recently able to climb out of the cave 3 times in one trip. That's huge for me.

4. Shows

Last week Brandon and I went on a double date with my friends Anj and Marty to see Built to Spill. All music evokes feeling in me, but this is one of those bands that isn't just one feeling. I could listen to them on sunny days or rainy days, and both can fit my mood perfectly. Favorites include: Else, Strange, Center of the Universe, The Plan, In Your Mind, The Weather. Upcoming shows this week? Local Natives and Band of Horses. Unbelievable. Best week ever.

5. Website?

So I think you all have seen my website. And if you have, you know that it simply must be updated. Well I'm workin on it. Since I first landed my gig at the ISU Alumni Association in 2008, I haven't touched it. It's time for a change, new projects, new look, the whole shebang. It's time consuming and difficult, especially when web is not my specialty. However, I'm enrolled in a one day seminar in Minneapolis, Oct. 7th, that should help. I'm looking forward to the workshop. I'm really motivated for self improvement lately. Workshops, classes, anything to become better. I hate to think that I'm not enough, but when I see the amazing things my colleagues have done with the same degree that I achieved, I wonder "What am I doing?"

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